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What is the Microsoft Refurbisher Program?

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The Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program enables refurbishers, like WhybuyITNew to supply PCs pre-installed with genuine Microsoft software to businesses, schools, nonprofit organizations, government programs, and other eligible customers. 

Refurbishers that are part of this program are required to comply with a set of responsible practices, including erasing data properly. 

Today, there are more than 1,500 Microsoft Registered Refurbishers in over 60 countries and WhybuyITNew is proud to be one of them.

Buying a refurbished computer? Questions you should ask.

WhyBuyITNew is a registered Microsoft Refurbisher.It's important to be an educated consumer if you’re interested in purchasing a refurbished computer. To make sure you are getting a reliable machine with legitimate software, here are some key questions you might want to ask:What is the name brand? What are the full specifications and capabilities of this computer? [...]

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