Who We Are

Welcome to Why Buy IT New, your one stop online shop for refurbished computers, laptops and other hardware for home and small business! Our no fuss, 14 day money back guarantee ensures you get the best gear, the best deal and peace of mind.

With ever-changing technology, too many IT items are ending up in landfill. Our aim is to reduce waste and reuse where possible. IT equipment contains materials that are not biodegradable. Buying second hand is not only affordable, it’s better for the environment!


We source large quantities of ex-corporate equipment. This equipment is then refurbished and sold at a low price, making technology budget friendly. Brands include IBM, HP, Dell, Compaq, Apple and much much more.

Back Catalogue

We also stock back catalogue, hard to find products that are no longer being manufactured. We can also find and source your requested products or substitutes for back catalogue products.


We deliver Australia-wide and Internationally using Australia Post and will use recycled packaging where possible, reducing our costs and yours.